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Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Two, no. 3
Winter 1980

Vol 2, no. 3, page 134 - Winter 1980

"History of St. Paul, Nebraska" from SHERMAN DAM DEDICATION, June 7, 8, 9, 1963

   Actual permanent settlement of the town of St, Paul and Howard Co. got underway in April of 1871, but the planning went back several years when N. J. & J. N. PAUL did surveying, First settlers were mainly settlers enticed by the Pauls from their home state of Ohio. The name selected for the new town was Athens (after Athens, Ohio) but since there was already a post office by that name in Nebraska, U. S. Senator Phineas HITCHCOCK suggested the town be named St. Paul for the founders.

   Howard Co. came into being by the Legislature in March 1871, with the consideration of St. Paul as county seat, First Co. Commissioners were: N. J. PAUL, John C. LEWIS & Luther H. NORTH

   One of the first acts was to build a bridge across the Middle Loup River so. of St, Paul by the help of troops of Co. C. 9th U.S. Inf. under Capt. MUNSON & Lt. AUGUR and by volunteer labor.
   Jacob PETERS, a brother-in-law of the Paul bros, became postmaster in 1871.
   E. S. CHADWICK opened first general store in 1871.
   School Dist, #1 was organized April 1872 with Miss Lizzie COOPER teacher.
   First church service was held March 3. 1872 with Rev, De La MATYR, of the M.E. Church of Omaha preaching.
   Dr. E. R. FLETCHER, first physician, located in Spring of 1873.
   The ADVOCATE, first newspaper, est. by S. P. MOBLEY in Sept. 1873 and sold in 1874 to J. N. Paul, attorney.
   District Court was held in Feb, 1874 with Judge MAXWELL presiding.
   J. C. LEWIS & Patterson HIRST were admitted to bar during this term.
   The U.P. RR built a branch line from Grand Island in the mid '70's.

Winter 1960    - 134 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 135 - Winter 1980
Submitted by Mrs. Floyd Hite, Ashland NE

Source: newspaper clippings about pioneers in Cass County 


   Much of early Nebraska pioneer history is reflected in newspaper articles and obituaries about it's earlier inhabitants. Mrs. Floyd Hite's parents, grandparents and aunt are typical of so many of those first hardy individuals. The Wachters, Wrights and Buchtels came to Nebraska in 1864, 1868 and 1870 respectively.

   Father, Clifton Otis Wright (25 Feb 1878 - 27 May 1959): Obituary (extract)

   Clifton Otis Wright, born 25 Feb. 25, 1878, Lincoln. Parents: Richard & Eliza Wright. To Eagle, w/parents.
   1905, m Laura Anna Wachter. 4 children, 3 died in infancy.
   Employee of the Trunkenbolz Co. Was councilman and mayor.
   Surviving: wife, Laura; a dau., Mrs. Floyd Hite, Ashland; niece Mrs. Paul Martin, Sherman Oaks, Calif.; aunt, Mrs. Rosa Caddy, Eagle.
   Funeral: Eagle Methodist Church Sunday, Rev. Robert Bowne. Burial was at Eagle."

   Mother, Laura Wachter (01 Feb 1882-01 Jun 1967): Funeral Notice (extract)

   Funeral for Mrs. Clifford Wright, 85, Sat. at Lincoln. Res. of Eagle until moved to a nursing home in Ashland.
   Survivors: dau., Lila Hite and husband (Floyd) of Ashland; sister, Mrs. Dorothy Mick of Lincoln. Burial: Eagle Cemetery."

   Paternal grandfather, Richard Nelson Wright (08 Feb 1847-14 Jul 1940): Obituary (extract)

   Richard Nelson Wright, b. 8 Feb 1847 at Crawford, IL. Civil War vet (Iowa unit: l"ast charter member of Farragut post No. 25, G.A.R." D. July 14, 1940, age 93.    Following Civil War, moved with parents to homestead near Eagle, NE. Married to Eliza Buchtel (d 1932). 4 children, two died in infancy.
   1887: Went to Lincoln and worked as a baker. 1897: Returned to the farm, then moved into town. 1932: Went to Lincoln and lived with his daughter.
   Surviving: son, Clifton O. of Eagle; dau, Lora Van Scyoc of Lincoln; 3 grandchildren, Mrs. Paul Martin of San Francisco, Mrs.

Winter 1980    - 135 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 136 - Winter 1980
Pioneer Life in Cass County, cont'd.

Floyd Hite of Weeping Water; Carl O. Van Scyoc of Lincoln; 2 sis: Mrs. Etta Trunkenbolz & Mrs. Rose Cady, of Eagle; 2 bros, Edward, CA & Allen of WA.
Funeral: July 16. GAR in charge at gravesite. (no place of burial stated).

   Paternal grandmother, Eliza Ann Buchtel (05 Dec 1854-11 Dec 1951); Obituary (extract)

   Eliza Ann Buchtel - b. 5 Dec 1854 at South Bend, IN. d. 11 December 1931, age 77 yrs, 6 dys.
   1870: moved with parents to a farm near Eagle, one of 10 children.
   m 14 December 1873 to Richard N. Wright. 4 children, 2 died in infancy (Eddie & Elmer).
   Surviving: Husband; dau Mrs. Cora Van Scoyoc of Lincoln; son Clifton Wright of Eagle; 3 grandchildren, Mrs. Martin Grauenhorst of San Francisco, Calif.; Carl Van Scoyoc of Lincoln & Lila Wright of Eagle; brother, William, of North Platte, NE.

   Maternal grandfather, Christopher Julius Wachter (15 Oct 1824-29 Jul 1905): Obituary:

   "About 6 o'clock p.m. Saturday, July 29, 1905, Christopher Julius Wachter died at his home in Eagle. While Mr. Wachter had not been in very good health for some time his death resulted from an illness of only a little over a week. He was born in Germany, Oct. 15, 1824 and at an early age was confirmed and united with the German Lutheran church in which he remained a faithful member until called to his reward. He was married to Miss Louise Daniels who with six children, three boys and three girls survive him, and all were present at his bedside during his last hours. Oct. 79 1861 Mr. Wachter enlisted in Battery No. 21 Light Artillery at Wisconsin, in which he served until Oct. 10, 1864.
   The funeral was held at the German church Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock conducted by Rev. Mueller. The burial services at the grave were conducted by the members of the Grand Army Post of which he was a member."

   Maternal grandmother, Louisa Rosina Daniels (1849-1939): Obituary (extract)

   Louisa Rosenia Daniels - b 1849 in Schlesien, Germany. d. age 90 yrs, 1 mo., 1 dy.
   1864: to Port Washington, WI. - m. Julius Wachter (d. 1905) & they lated homesteaded 3 miles NE of Eagle.
   7 children, four girls and three boys, Eda (died at 8 yrs), Anna Laura, Martha Marie, Dorothy Louise, Adolph Gustof (d. at 59 yrs), Herman Julius, Theodore Carl.    Surviving: 3 daus and 2 sons, "Laura Wright and Marie Hamilton of Eagle, Dorothy Mick of Lincoln, Herman of Palmyra and Theodore of Eagle"...   

Winter 1980     - 136 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 137 - Winter 1980
Pioneer Life in Cass County, cont'd.

   Funeral: Mon, 6 Feb at the Trinity Lutheran Church. Bur: Eagle cemetery.
   See also article titled "Many Here for Funeral"

Vol 2, no. 3, page 137 - Winter 1980
Submitted by Mrs. Floyd Hite, Ashland NE
Source an article in Plattsmouth Journal, 1962 column "Cass Countyan of the Week" by Ruth Miller, Nehawka Special Correspondent


"Mrs. Rosa CADDY Recalls Pioneer Life in Eagle":
92 year old Cass County native. b. Rosa Wright , dau of William and Elizabeth Wright, homesteaders of 1868, lived in partially sod house. She recalled early business in Eagle and the Blizzard of '88. Town of Eagle started in 1886 when MO-Pacific RR arrived (mail through Palmyra or Greenwood before that).

Winter 1980     - 137 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 138 - Winter 1980
Pioneer Life in Eagle cont'd.

Backsmith: George Wright. 1886: the Congregational Church.
By 1890: Added 2 Lutheran churches and a Methodist church. Eagle School built in 1890, first teacher was C. C. Bucknell.
"Mrs. Caddy recalls that not once through the raising of the 12 children in her family did her parents have a doctor in the house. ... medicine for the early pioneers came from the prairies. Mrs. Caddy often went out to gather plants or dig certain roots for medicines."
1876 and 1879: diptheria epidemics.
Mrs. Caddy's recollections of farming, trips to Lincoln, and early entertainment (primarily church activities) are included in article.

Obituary Notice (extract)
   CADDY, Rosa Maude, 97, died Monday (15 Jan 1968). Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Florence Trumble of Eagle; six grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren; four great great grandchildren. Roper & Sons', 4300 O.
   (Mrs. Caddy was Mrs. Floyd Hite's great aunt).

Winter 1980     -138-


Vol 2, no. 3, page 139 - Winter 1980
Submitted by: Mrs, Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE

Source: Centennial Booklet of Christ Lutheran Church, Norfolk, (Madison), NE.

Frank F. -------           John FALK 
Karl GRUCHOW               Herman SCHRODER 
Karl MAUSKE                Friedrick EYL 
Karl STEINKRAUS            Albert DEGNER 
Christoph BUCKENDAHL       Karl FUHRMAN 
Marie EYL                  Elisebeth WEGNER 
Karl F. J. ------          ------- KLUG, 
Erma EYL                   Wilhelm BLANK 
August KLUG                Frank STENGEL 
Friedrick HECKMAN          August RUHLOW 
Henry GRUN                 Friedrick GRUN 
Karen APFEL                Bertha STRUCK 
Martha -------             Martha LICHTENBERG 
---T. HECKMAN              Anna LIERMAN 
Robert RUHLOW.
1878 -1880
Karl BRUMMOND              Bernhard KLUG 
John NITZ                  Richard RITZMANN 
Wilhelm SCHULZ             Emma NITZ 
Marie BOLDT                Emma KOCH 
Anna GRUN                  Anton VILLNOW 
Richard DOMMER             Emil RISMANN 
Edmund WEGENER             Augusta LICHTENBERG 
Anna EPPLER                Emma SIEDSCHLAG 
Martha BOLDT               Bertha NEITZKE 
Emilia NEUMAN              Bertha GLASER 
Friedrick DEGNER           Herman NEITZKE 
Gustar NITZ                Wilhelm KOPKE 
Julious FROEHLICH          Wilhelm LEU 
John KLUG                  Friedrick MAGDANZ 
Anna KOHN                  Wilhelm LEU 
Ida STRUCK                 Theodore POFAHL 
August BRUMMOND            Richard GANSKOW 
Herman RITZMAN             Emilia DEGNER 
Herman SCHWEDE             Louisa RITZMAN 
Otto LINDSTADT             Henneratte VILLNOW 
Carl OESTRICH              Elisabeth DONNER 
August BERNHARD            Alvina DEGNER 
Carl GRIM                  Emilia KLUG 
Albert REDMAR              Rosa LEU 
August MELCHER             Emilia WEICH 
Hulda DOMMER               Anna PILLAR 
Bertha MAAS                Anna WITTENBURG 
Augusta EPPLER.            Friedericke BROECKER 
Wilhelmine OTTO            Minna DONNER. 
Friedrick BRUMMOND         Maria BRAASCH 
Louis KOEINGSTEIN          Mathilda BARN 
August WEICH               Ida TIEGS 
Wilhelm BOLDT              Bertha WEICH 
August PAUL                Martha I. L. ____
Edward WALTER              Johanna BOCK 
August VELLNOW             Emma BROCKER 
Emil BRUMMOND              Heinrick MILLER 
Herman MARKO               Michael BRAASCH 
Frank SCHWEDE              Gottlieb BRUMMOND 
Carl BERNHARD              Otto MILLER 
Jennie LAMBERT             Paul PRIBBERNOW 
Carl WILTENSBURG           Carl ZEBELL 
Liner MILLER               August KOENIGSTEIN 
Minnie OESTRICH            Emil LOSEHER 
Anna WACHTER               Heinrich WARNECKE 
Hulda TIEGS                Arthur PILGER 
Carolina MAAS              Wilhelm BRAASCH 
Alvina. LEU                Wilhelm DONNER 
Herman BRAASCH             Wilhelmina WITTENBURG 
August BRAASCH             Emilie KOEPKE 
Carl SCHULZ                Martha DEGNER 
Ludwig DOMMER              Emma OESTERRICH 
Konrad BAURIEDEL           Bertha DEGNER 
Frank RISMON               Anna WICHER 
Herman KRUGER              Emma MELCHER 
Marie NEUMANN.             Hulda BOCK
Herman BERNHARD            Clara FUHRMANN 
Herman DOMMER              Martha BOCK 
Carl SCHWEDE               Dina SCHRAMM 
August KRUGER              Wilhelmine STRUCK 
Edmund RISSMAN             Margaretha HOFFMANN 
Julaus PILLER              Bertha STRELOW 
Wilhelm AHLMAN             Elisabeth SEMLER 
Julius NEITZKE             Mina DEGNER 
Rudolf MILLER              Antonette NOTHHOFT 
Anna MAASS                 Hermann PRIBBERNOW 
Marie LAUBSCH              Robert BOLDT 
Luise KOHN                 Hermann KRUEGER 
Anna WEICH                 Carl WARNECKE 
Anna DEGNER                Julius DEGNER 
Martha SIEDSCHLAG          Gustav LANGHOOP 
August WITTENBURG          Magdalena BERNHARDT 
Herman SIEDSCHLAG          Maria WEICH 
Henry MILLER               Clara TIEGS 
Wm. KRUGER                 Elise ASMUS 
Juliaus BUNTROCK           Hedwig DONNER 
Wilhelm KRUGER             Meinna MAAS 
Rudolf LOSEHER             Meathilde DOMMER 
Heinrick WARNECKE          Bertha BUNTROCK 
Ernest KOPSEL              Louise SIEDSCHLAG 
Martha BRUMMOND            Bertha FRIEDRICH 
Rosa BROCKER               Maria WITTENBURG. 
Julius MAAS                Carl SCHWEDE 
August KARO                Julius KOENIGSTEIN 
August WEIER               Emil KLIPPHAHN 
Max ASMUS                  Christian MILLER 
Johann SCHRAMM             Friedrich GRISUM, 
Winter 1980     - 139 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 140 - Winter 1980
Christ Lutheran Confirmands cont'd.
Norfolk, NE

1890-1892 cont'd.
Bertha BERGMANN            Clara BUNTROCK 
Bertha LOESCHER            Hedwig CHRISTIAN 
Emma JONAS                 Friedrich WITTENBURG, 
Louise BOECK               Christian WITTGOW 
Ella KOEHN                 Hermann KRUEGER 
Maria BRUMMOND             Friedrich SCHULTZ 
Paul SASS                  Franz FILLER 
Otto BOLDT                 Richard BOLDT, 
Max LENSER                 Emil SCHRAMM 
Robert WEICH               Hermann DRAEGER 
Carl PILGER                Friedrich WITTFOOTH 
Berthold NEITZKE           Emma KUHL 
Reinhold MAAS              Maria MILLER 
Arthur AHLMANN             Maria NOTHAFT 
Emma SATTLER               Olga BOECK 
Ernestine CHRISTIAN        Emma MILLER 
Clara KAUN                 Emilie LOESCHER 
Helena DONNER              Anna DEGNER 
Hubert ROBBERT             Louise BOLDT 
Ferdinand LOBNOW           Catharina MULLER 
Franz BUNTROCK             Maria GALL 
Wilhelm AHLMANN            Anna BENNING 
Hermann VOELKER            Bertha DEGNER 
Ernst PILLER               Wilhelmine MANSKE 
Franz KRUEGER              Auguste KRUEGER 
Julius LINDSTEDT           Jacob DURR 
Franz DONNER               Wilhelm ROBBERT 
August ZASTROW             Wilhelm CHRISTIAN 
Johann BEHRENS             Emil POFAHL 
Ernestine VOECKS           Wilhelm KRUSE 
Henrietta VOECKS           Emil FREITAG 
Alwine ZASTROW             Robert SCHRAMM 
Lina KUMMETZ               Theodor WALTER 
Martha KOEPSEL             Johann KNISS 
Charlotte BRUMMUND         Richard SPIERING 
Lydia KAUN                 Arthur PILLER 
Emma NEITZKE               Albert BRANDENBURG 
Anna BRANDENBURG           Carl LAUBSCH 
Gustav ROBBERT             Paul DRAEGER 
Fritz KRUEGER              Ernest MAAS 
Walter PILGER              Minna DETLOV 
Heinrich SCHNEIDER         Maria CHRISTIAN 
Emil REICHE                Anna VOECKS 
Franz LENSER               Louise OERTWICH 
Otto TIEGS                 Charlotte BRUMMUND 
Johann HOFFMANN            Amanda GLANDER 
Carl OHRMUNDT              Maria GALL 
Arthur KAUN                Elsa AHLMANN 
Anna FISCHER               Lydia BUNTROCK 
Laura HECKENDORF           Anna KOEPSEL 
Antonia LOBNOW             Ottilie PILGER 
Metta KOENIGSTEIN          Elvira BOECK 
Charlotte SCHULTZ          Amanda LEU 
Amalie WILDE               Minna MILLER 
Maria MULLER               Elsa FILLER 
Hedwig SEMMLER             Anna SCHWICHTENBERG 
Henrietta STOLLE           Elisabeth DONNER. 
Alexander LAAS             Maria STROH 
Wilhelm VOECKS             Wilhelmine WITTFOOTH 
Edward MAHLER              Martha WEICH 
Philipp DICK               Hertha MARQUARDT 
Alexander DUERR            Wilhelmine KRUSE 
Wilhelm LINDSTEDT          Anna KAYL 
Carl AHLMANN               Bertha PILGER 
Helena MARQUARDT           Minna SCHULZ 
Wilhelmine BESK            Amanda KORTH 
Lily WEGENER               Clara SCHRAMM 
Johanna BAUMANN            Anna LOBNOW 
Hermine TEWS               Catharina DONNER 
Ludessa LOBNOW             Alwine MILLER 
Auguste PETER              John SCHELLY 
Ida MULLER                 Carl SPIERING 
Martha WILDE               Philipp LAMBRECHT 
Else TIEGS                 Alexander MUELLER 
Emma BESK                  Herman UECKER 
Bertha GALL                Max WILDE 
Emma MUELLER               Ernst KAUN 
Bertha WILDE               Paul DRAEGER 
Charlotte BRUMMUND         Erich TRETTIN 
Helena WETZEL              Carl STOEBER 
Sophie WARNECKE            Wilhelm KOEPSEL 
Aurelia REICHE             Edward BAIERSDORF 
Richard KRAKE              Louis LOESCHER 
Reinhard KAUN              Oscar HOFFMANN 
Ludwig ZACHERT             Carl KORTH 
Franz BLANK                Louise KIEHL 
Emil ZASTROW               Elisabeth SCHELLY 
Carl REINHARDT             Amanda KRAHN 
Gottlieb BENNING           Auguste PILLER 
Paul LAUBSCH               Ella HAEUPTLI 
Albert KELL                Alwine STEFFEN 
George SIEMS               Clara MULLER 
August VOECKS              Evalina KAYL 
Ferdinand BRANDENBURG      Mathilde KUMMETZ 
Herman MANSKE              Anna BROECKER 
Johann POFAHL              Ida KLENTZ 
Albert REINHARDT           Louise HECKMANN 
August BLANK               Emma SCHULZ. 
Louise MULLER              Martha GALL
George WEGENER             Adoph POFAHL 
Adolph VIERGUTS            Heinrich STEFFEN 
Hermann WALTER             Franz KAYL 
Otto GALL                  Adolph PASEWALK 
Ernst MANSKE               Ernest KLENTZ 
Carl MARQUARDT             Christian LENSER 
Johann MULLER              Hermann HAASE 
Fridrich HOFFMAN           Carl BAIERSDORF 
Johann BENNING             Anton WILDE 
Paul KELL                  Friedrich EWALD 
Friedrich PILLER           Catharina BOEHNKE 
Gustav SIEMS               Ella KAUL 
Carl BLANK                 Truda KLAWONN 
Alwine BICK                Anna HELLER 
Helena WEGENER             Maria SHELLY 
Magdalena LEU              Auguste SPIERING 
Wilhelmine SCHRAMM         Minna ZASTROW 
Marie VOGT                 Ida KERBER 
Ida LAUBSCH                Johanna BOCHE 
Emma LAUBSCH               Charlotte WALTER 
Anna CHRISTIAN             Helene MILLER 
Emma BRUMMUND              Helene VOECKS 
Hedwig VIERGUTS            Anna OHRMUNDT 
Elise MAAS                 Margartha HERMANN 
Ida BLANK                  Auguste REICHE 
Emma BICK                  Elsa MARQUARDT 
Ida BROECKER               Bertha BOECK 
Carl HELLER                Anna KAUL 
Carl HAEUPTLI              Helene MATTHIESEN 
August KIEHL               Emma LEU 
Ludwig KUNTZ               Ella BUECKENDORF 
Hugo KRAHN                 Emma KOLLATH 
Winter 1980     - 140 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 141 - Winter 1980
Christ Lutheran Confirmands cont'd.
Norfolk, NE

1899-1901 cont'd.
Henriette WICHMANN           Maria MOOR 
Wilhelm PILLER               Ella LEU 
Ludwig SCHULZ                Bertha MANSKE 
Ullrich BOEHNKE              Rosalie STEFFEN 
Wilhelm SCHELLY              Hedwig JONAS 
Wilhelm TRETTIN              Emma SCHROEDER 
Carl BLUCHER                 Clara DEGNER 
Wilhelm HAUPTLI              Eleonore MUELLER 
Johannes HENKEL              Selma KOERBER 
August BOSS                  Luella PAUL 
Wilhelm KELL                 Bertha BLANK 
Max SCHWERTFEGER             Clara BERNER 
Friedrich HECKMANN           Emma FISCHER 
Otto KAUN                    Elda VIERGUTS 
Gustav DROESCHER             Frieda SINGER 
Georg STRELOW                Bertha BLANK 
Otto STEFFEN                 Clara KLATT 
Anna KLEIN                   Johanna BENNING 
Meta WILDE                   Hedwig HECKMANN 
Lisette KORTH                Hedwig HOEFFS 
Heinrich KRUSE               Carl BLANK 
Max HELLER                   Johann KORTH 
Johann KAYL                  Emory KLENTZ 
Johannes MULLER              Emma ZELLMER 
Wilhelm HINTZ                Anna BOEHNKE 
Wilhelm LOESCHER             Ida HINZ 
Herbert ZUTZ                 Selma HAASE 
Hermann RADENZ               Auguste FISCHER 
Friedrich HOFFMANN           Ida DROESCHER 
Otto HANSEN                  Alice SCHULZ 
Edward HULAC                 Louise STEFFEN 
Ernst STUTZKE                Ida MAAS 
Friedrich DRAEGER            Ella KOLLATH 
Charlotte PAUL               Ida MANSKE 
Maria DURR                   Martha KOEHN 
Martha CHRISTIAN             Edward WIEDEMAN 
Meta STEIGEL                 Friedrich THOMPSON 
Anna ARNDT                   Leopold KLUG 
Anna MILLER                  Friedrich KLAWONN 
Eva DONNER                   Max JAHN 
Martha BRUMMUND              Ernst HECKMANN 
Helene REICHE                Wilhelm THOMPSON 
Constance REINHARDT          Hermann GEHM 
Erna WILDE                   Jacob HORST 
Elise SCHRAMM                Georg KLEIN 
Clara WILDE                  Arthur SCHWERTFEGER 
Ida PASEWALK                 Otto BLANK 
Ida HANSEN                   Andreas SCHELLY 
Paulina WURTZ                Joseph HULAC 
Minna HENKEL                 Emil WILDE 
Hedwig POFAHL                Johannes BOCHE 
Hedwig STENGEL               Wilhelm BLUCHER 
Auguste EWALD                Julius CHRISTIAN 
Alma ZACHERT                 Theodor MUELLER 
Maria OHRMUNDT               Gerhard PASEWALK 
Anna MULLER                  Hedwig KLUG 
Emma KLENTZ                  Dina LEHMANN 
Maria KAISER                 Auguste ZELLMER 
Albert FELDHAHN              Elizabeth VlERGUTS 
Otto BRUMMUND                Louise KIEPKE 
Reinhold MELCHER             Mathilde SCHMODE 
August KELL                  Maria AHLMANN 
Oscar KRAHN                  Hedwig PILLER 
Emil KNAPP                   Bertha BOCHE 
Wilhelm FELDHAHN             Else KELL 
Car TRETTIN                  Martha LEU 
Ernst SINGER                 Martha VIERGUTS 
Friedrich LEU                Lilian DEGNER 
Paul KOERBER                 Lily LANGENBERG 
Otto LAUBSCH                 Elsa HECKMANN 
August HAEUPTLI              Maria SCHILLING 
Herbert WICHMANN             Katie WIEDEMANN 
Carl KLAWONN                 Alfred SCHULZ 
Otto KRUSE                   Robert SCHELLY 
Carl BARNECKE                Friedrich SCHROEDER 
Heinrich MULLER              Martha SIEMS 
Heinrich UHRICH              Anna BRUMMUND 
Walter LEHMANN               Meta TIEGS 
Johann BOEHNKE               Lydia PETER 
Albert AHLMANN               Martha KELL 
Emil HOEFS                   Emma HECKMANN 
Arthur SCHMIEDEBERG          Bertha VOECKS 
Arnold BORN                  Anna EWALD 
Otto WILDE                   Emma WILDE 
Emma KRUSE                   Martha KIEPKE 
Bertha KLUG                  Nora FUESLER 
Louise JAHN                  Linna HAASE 
Ella ZULOW                   Auguste MULLER 
Hedwig FISCHER               Hariette SCHMIEDEBERG 
Ida SCHRAMM                  Julius VIERGUTS 
Leona WEGENER                Albert MUELLER 
Leona MELCHER                Ernst SCHWEDE 
Maria MULLER                 Paul SCHILLING 
Bertha KLENTZ                Emil REHFELD 
Bertha FELDHAHN              Carl BOEHNKE 
Else MAAS                    August OERTWICH 
Hertha HAEUPTLI              Hermann BLANK 
Minna BLANK                  Emil SCHILLING 
Elisabeth ZASTROW            Heinrich PASEWALK 
Martha HENKEL                Albert STEFFEN 
Lydia ROHRKE                 Herbert FISCHER 
Lily SCHELLY                 Helene ZACHERT 
Evalina SCHMIEDEBERG         Elisabeth BEITZ 
Martha KOHLHOF               Clara WEGENER 
Anna FISCHER                 Louise FELDHAHN 
Meta POFAHL                  Elise KOLLATH 
Martha KNAPP                 Emilie FROEHLICH 
Anna THOMPSON                Meta MUELLER 
Ludwig BUCKENDORF            Else BLANK 
Heinrich KANZLER             Hedwig APPEL 
Otto KOEHN                   Hertha VIERGUTS 
Johann BARNECKE              Augustine SCHWEDE 
Constantin SCHMODE           Charlotte SCHMIEDEBERG 
August DROESCHER             Meta FISCHER 
Johann HOFFMANN              Meta SCHILLING. 
Wilhelm KLENTZ               Ella KRUSE 
Gustav MAAS                  Martha JAHN 
Ferdinand MUELLER            Mathilde JUNG 
George SCHMODE               Ernestine BORN 
Carl VIERGUTS                Haereta LEHMANN 
Arthur KELL                  Clara HENKEL 
Paul KOHLHOFF                Martha KOLLATH 
Louis KOHLHOFF               Johann FELGER 
Herbert SCHULZ               Heinrich BENNING 
Otto HAAS                    Emil Arthur LEHMANN 
Leo DEGNER                   Oscar HOEFS 
Conrad SCHAEFER              Hugo PETER 
Clara WALTER                 Richard 
Martha OHM
Winter 1980      - 141 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 142 - Winter 1980
Christ Lutheran Confirmands cont'd.
Norfolk, NE

1908-1910 cont'd. 
MUELLER                      Helene DRAEGER 
Arthur FUESLER               Wilhelm VIERGUTS 
Franz FISCHER                Leo VIERGUTS 
Daniel PREUSS                Wilhelm WILLE 
Willie KREUCH                August BEITZ 
Paul HAASE                   Friedrich BOEHNKE 
Wilhelm MUELLER              Albert SCHILLING 
Martin WEICH                 Jacob KANZLER 
Edward SCHELLY               Ernst BRUMMUND 
George BERNER                Adolph KOERBER 
Reinhold BARNECKE            Ernst JAHN 
Maria REICHOW                Erich VILLNOW 
Ida ZASTROW                  Wilhelm KOHLHOF 
Dora PAHN                    Erich FUESLER 
Minna BERGMANN               Wilhelm HAAS 
Maria EWALD                  Johannes BEITZ 
Emma KLUG                    Louis VILLNOW 
Hedwig DRAEGER               Anna KOHLHOF 
Anna HORST                   Eleonore SCHWEDE 
Emma LEU                     Lily BRAASCH 
Leona LENZ                   Bertha BRAUN 
Dora BERNHARDT               Martha SANNE 
Minna WILDE                  Lydia KOEHN 
Anna FABRIZ                  Clara SCHILLING 
Emma VOECKS                  Metta BLUECHER 
Lily HECKMANN                Frieda FISCHER 
Helene KORTH                 Clara RAKOWSKI 
Adele WALTER                 Ida EWALD 
Reba SCHMIEDEBERG            Louise SCHILLING 
Emma BLANK                   Wilhelmine KIRCHHOFF 
Lily MUELLER                 Elsa DROESCHER 
Adele KIEPKE                 Gertrud LENZ 
Martha KRUEGER               Lily SIEDSCHLAG. 
Heinrich SCHMODE             Cornelia BOEHNKE 
Johann DREESEN               Ida WALTER 
Arnold WEGENER               Anna BRUMMUND 
Herbert WILLE                Emma BERNER 
Leo KLENTZ                   Frieda DONNER 
George HAASE                 Louise LUEBKE 
August WEBER                 Anna SCHAEFER 
Elmer APFEL                  Maria ELENBERGER 
Friedrich SCHMIDEDBERG       Meta DRAEGER 
Wilhelm KIEPKE               Martha SCHILLING 
Walter WEICH                 Alma VAHSHOLZ 
Else ZACHERT                 Minna BERNHARDT 
Christine KLENTZ             Mabel FUESLER 
Clara KARO                   Martin SCHWEDE 
Catherina HORST              Gustav PREUSS 
Emma PASEWALK                Fritz KREUCH 
Erna DRAEGER                 Friedrich CONRAD 
Adele ZELLMER                Berhardt BEITZ 
Minna HAASE                  Gustav KOERBER 
Pauline FROEHLICH            August GALL 
Edna HAASE                   Ralph BRUMMUND 
Amalia DREESEN               Reinhold BLANK 
Adela KRAHN                  Friedrich BENNING 
Agnes PETER                  Daniel SCHMIEDEBERG 
Anna JAHN                    Gustav SCHWEDE 
Dorothea LEHMANN             Gertrude REICHOW 
Helene SCHILLING             Esther GALL 
Esther WILLE                 Tilly HORST 
Walter OHM                   Else SCHNEIDER 
Gustav BLANK                 Esther VIERGUTS 
Alfred BLUECHER              Erna LENZ 
Arthur WALTER                Amalia KOHLHOF 
Gustav STEFFEN               Anita APFEL 
Gustav GALL                  Clara KIEPKE 
Paul OHM                     Helene WEBER 
Carl HASS                    Elise MELCHER 
Otto ZELLMER                 Selma PRIEBNOW 
Wilhelm HENKEL               Mrs. Marie HANSEN. 
Carl MANSKE                  Ella BORN 
Arthur DRAEGER               Adora ZELLMER 
Albert VILLNOW               Gladys SCHNEIDER 
Rudolph BEITZ                Martha SELLIN 
Max SPORN                    Clara KOHLHOF 
Otto PINNT                   Helene BLANK 
Leo OETTER                   Nellie SCHWEDE 
Heinrich MAAS                Ella MAAS 
Adolph SCHILLING             Martha DRAEGER 
Wilhelm BOEHNKE              Clara DRAEGER 
Hermann GALL                 Nellie MAURER 
Elmer OETTER                 Margaretha HANSEN 
Martha FAHRENHOLZ            Winnie SCHMIEDEBURG 
Agatha APFEL                 Madelaine KAUFMANN 
Emma FAHRENHOLZ              August SCHENZEL 
Esther VAHSHOLZ              Herbert BLUECHER 
Maria BRUMMUND               August TEWS 
Mabel NORDWIG                Hugo BUNTROCK 
Anna HAAS                    Walter APPEL 
Dorothea SIEDSCHLAG          Walter BOHLMANN 
Lydia PASEWALK               Theodore JANSEN 
Elisabeth RAABE              Ruben LENZ 
Leonie GALL                  Oscar CHRISTIANSEN 
Rosa VAHSHOLZ                Henry BOEHNKE 
Emma KRUEGER                 Ernest OERTWICH 
George SCHELLEY              Hermann HASS 
Jacob SCHAEFER               Edmund KELL 
Arthur VILLNOW               Clara LUEBKE 
Paul GALL                    Frieda OHM 
Clarence FUESLER             Viola MARSHALL 
Heinrich WEICH               Pauline SCHAEFER 
Deon DREFKE                  Hedwig BLANK 
Ruben PINNT                  Esther KOERBER 
Otto SCHILLING               Minna ZELLMER 
Paul KREUCH                  Margaretha FILTER 
Harry WOERNER                Lily BERNER 
Sophie BEHREND               Frank FELGER. 
Emil GEISSLER                Rosa DRAEGER 
Herbert MITTELSTEDT          Hildegard PRIEBNOW 
Carl SCHWEDE                 Minna MAAS 
Herbert KLENTZ               Bertha PINNT 
Carl GOETTMANN               Hedwig OETTER 
Heinrich SCHILLING           Irene WEICH 
Arthur SPIERING              Emma KOEPKE 
Robert SIEDSCHLAG            Emma VOECKS 
Paul JANSEN                  Minna SCHIMMELPFENNIG 
Martin BRUMMUND              Selma SCHNEIDER 
Reinhold OERTWICH            Lily WEICH 
Arnold CONRAD                Adelheid BRUMMUND 
Esther SCHENZEL              Ruth HECKMANN 
Minna ZELLMER                Irene STOEBER 
Adele GALL                   Martha KRUEGER, 
Winter 1980      - 142 -

Vol 2, no. 3, page 143 - Winter 1980
Christ Lutheran Confirmands cont'd.
Norfolk, NE

1917-1919 cont'd. 
Mildred RAABE                George MELCHER 
Bernhardt BEITZ              Martha FRIEDRICH 
Max KOERBER                  Edna FELGER 
Elmer KAUN                   Erwin JACOB 
Leo TEWS                     Elmer BLUECHER 
Erwin TIEGS                  Wilhelm BUSS 
Elmer CHRISTIANSEN           Franz JANSEN 
Clarence DICK                Walter HINTZ 
Robert DRAEGER               Ruben STEFFEN 
Oscar WEIHER                 Jacob GOETTMAN 
Erwin HAASE                  Milton PINNT 
Erwin WEBER                  Leo RAKOWSKI 
Elmer SPORN                  Walter BRUMMUND 
Arthur KOEPKE                Herbert KAUN 
Gertrud STENGEL              Harry HECKMANN 
Dora SCHWEDE                 Louis JACOB 
Lily GALL                    Ralph TIEGS 
Ella UTTECHT                 Herbert SCHWANEBECK 
Dorothea LINDSTEDT           Ella HINTZ 
Clara KREUCH                 Marie SCHMIEDEBERG 
Nelda SCHWEDE                Lydia RAKOWSKI 
Minna SCHWANEBECK            Martha HINTZ 
Gertrude BLANK               Eleonore CONRAD 
Mildred FUERST               Nora SCHNEIDER 
Minna SPIERING               Henriette PETER 
Martha HASS                  Ella WILKENS 
Frieda BLANK                 Hulda BRUMMUND 
Hedwig ZELMER                Esther PRIEBNOW 
Gertrud KOHLHOF              Ella JANSEN 
Gertrud VILLNOW              Leota STENGEL 
Clara HUEBNER                Mrs. Anna SCHNOOR. 
Raymond RADENZ               William ZEISSLER 
Elmer MONK                   Albert HASS 
Royal RADENZ                 John KREUCH 
Friedrich KRUEGER            Wilhelm DRUCK 
Wilhelm KELL                 Mabel ZEISSLER 
Rudolph KRAEMER              Frieda SCHENZEL 
Alex GALL                    Elsie HOFFMAN 
Harold FROHLOFF              Clara WIEDEMANN 
Edwin BUNTROCK               Ida HINTZ 
Ernst LINDSTEDT              Maria BEITZ. 
Louis WEIHER                  

Vol 2, no. 3, page 143 - Winter 1980
Submitted by: James D. Wolken, North Platte, NE

"Early Files" section of the TECUMSEH CHIEFTAIN (Johnson County)

November 1888:

Mrs. R. W. McKEE celebrated 60th birthday.

Chas. BEST of Deadwood, Dakota mar. Dora PHILPOTT of Tecumseh, 29 Oct.
Mr. L. BLAKELY mar. 25 Nov. to Jennie CARMINE of Todd Creek prec. by Rev. J. GALLAGHER.
Mar. at M.E. parsonage in Crab Orchards Peter J. TURNER & Eva B. CORBIN both of Maple Grove by Rev. JONES, 29 Nov.
O. F. HUNT & Miss Nellie MANNING of Lost Branch were mar. 14 Nov.

Ella, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. We RICHARDSON, died at age 5 1/2 on 30 Oct. at Lost Branch.
Mrs. John YOUNG 43, of Elk Creek died.
James EMMONS, 78, d. 21 Nov.

A boy b. to Mr. & Mrs. C. K. CHAMBERLAIN.
A boy to Mr, & Mrs. W. H. GARDNER.
A boy to Mr. & Mrs. E. H. GRIST.
A dau. to Mr. & Mrs. W. F. EATON.

Other items:
Louis GROSJEAN sold restaurant to William CARR.
Frank youngest son of Dr. & Mrs. THURBER.
Dr. SHINKLE of Sterling.
Henry KLATTE, German shoemaker of Sterling.

Vol 2, no. 3, page 143 - Winter 1980

PLATTE CO.: Abstracted from the Omaha Weekly Bee, Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1896; page 5.

A document was filed with clerk E. POHL, of Platte Co. last week. It was a patent - - the U.S. granting to Elizabeth THOMAS, widow of George THOMAS, a soldier of the war of 1812; 120 acres in S.17, T.17, R.1, West in Platte Co., NE. The patent was dated April 10, 1861 and was signed by Abraham LINCOLN.

Winter 1980      - 143 -

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