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FALL 1980
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Volume III, No. 4

Submitted by: Mrs. Elaine Derr Vanoe, Bladen 68928


Cival War: D. O. BENNETT
Spanish American War: Oley IVERSON
World War I: G. P. CATHER, Fred HALE, Carl WAECHTER, Alpha BANKS, Sall ANDERSON, George BEST
  World War II: Leland SPENCE, Gilbert ANDERSON, Ralph GREEN, Dencil KARNES, Ralph LIDGARD
Cival War: John McCOY l830-l888, Alex BRADY: Benjamin TANGERT 1836-1912, James N. SNOW 1844-
1894, Albert WAUFLE 1840-1907; Julius R. HORN 1843-1921; Henry Holy CROSS 1839-1885; Albert
WHEAT 1849-1927; Henry F. GIBBENS (U.S. Navy) 1887-1913; J. F. ECK: J. O. TIPPETTS 1846-1895
World War I: Even STOUT 1895-1918; Peter THOMPSON 1889-1969; Ralph McCUNE.
World War II: Charles C. LANG.
Civil War: J. W. AGREE (Co. H. 125 Ill, Inf.); Wm. A. BAKER (Co. G. 2nd Mo.) 1840-1897;
Alexander DAVIS 1840-1910; Mac AKIRS: ----- BRINER.
World War I: Ted DAVIS 1893-1966; Walter JOHNSON (Pfc. Nebr. MG Cc 350 Inf.) 1887-1954;
John L. BAKER (Nebr. Pvt. Motor Transport Corps.) 1871-1961.
World War II: Clarence BANKS 1899-1970
Civil War: Ashley ALEXANDER 1841-1923; David DUNN -- 1896; Chas SPOONER (46th Ill. Inf.) James
D. REYNOLDS 1830-1901; Samuel CHARTER 1829-1896; Jessie O. BROOKS 1845-1923; Zelpha RIGGINS
1839-1897; Augustus FRANCE 1853-1909; Edward MESSENGER 1842-1881; A. P. JOHNSON, John
McCALLU, 1841-1912; Andrew GARLOCK (15th Ohio Inf) 1827-1888; Norman SPRINGER 1833-1898;
Henry POUNDS 1849-1924, Wm. STRICKER: John BRAY: Tom BURDEN (73 Ind. Inf.); Burton CURE
1845-1924; Joseph L. GRANDSTAFF.
Spanish American War: Jonas H. RICHISON
World War I: Elam CURE (Detachment SAP) 1888-1929; Patrick McHALE 1891-1953; John WORLEY
1892-1970; Joe BERNS 1833-1971; David WORLEY 1886-1958
World War II: Harold SMITH 1924-1945; Dale LOCKHART 1925-1947; Chas BOOM 1889-1961; Adolph
SOUCEK (Pvt) US Army 1905-1963.
World War I: Robert F. May 1899-1919
World War II: George Cather RAY (Nebr. LCDR U.S Navy) 1907-1973: Bernard CLUTTER (Nebr.
Pvt. U.S. Army) 1908-1973.


Submitted by: Earl H. McNare, Lincoln, NE


from Genealogical Archives of the Antelope County Historical Society

1880 Marriages

S. G. SPAVKS (sic), 25 & Cora Alice POTTER, 16. Mar by W. J. BARGER at Oakdale, 8 March. Witnesses: Delayane PLANTS & Kate GOVE. Sparks of Oakdale was b. in Ill., son of Walter SPARKS & Mary Jane McCASKEY. Cora of Willowdale, b. Ill. dau of Leland POTTER & Eliza A. SCOVELL.

Delawane PLANTZ, 31 & Miss Lucy POTTER, 19. Mar. at Mrs. GIBSON's in Oakdale by W.J. BARGER Witnesses: Mr. B. H. MILLS & Miss Cheville TUTTLE. mar. 26 June. Delavane of Oakdale, b. NY son of Christian PLANTZ & Sara DEAKE. Lucy of Oakdale b. Mass. dau of L. U. POTTER & Eliza C. SCOVELL.

William H. CRATTY, 20 & Miss Elizabeth L. SHAIN 23, mar. 10 Oct. at res of E. A. SHAIN. Witnesses: George SHARP, Mrs. Lucy SHAPR (sic), Albert CURTIS. William b. in Iowa, son of William M CRATTY & Mary DIXON. Elizabeth b. Ill. dau of Elijah A. SHAIN & Irene SCOTT.

Charles E. LOVEJOY, 20 & Miss Dora B. TAYLOR 18, mar 13 Nov. by J. W. KIDDEN. Witnesses: Mrs. Mattie L. BOLLIMAN & George M. BOLLINAM. Charles b. Ohio, son of Howard S. LOVEJOY & Mary J. STEWART. Dora b. NE, dau of Isaac N. TAYLOR & Sarah E. LAWTON.

Elzer ARSENAUT, 46 b Vermont, son of George ARSENAUT & Odil ROLT. mar. 25 July. Amanda M. FOWLER, 24, b. Ohio, dau of John FOWLER & Elizabeth PRIEST. Mar. by M. A DeCAMP, Co. Judge. at Oakdale.

Lewis S. POTTER, 44, b. Pa. son of Benjamin POTTER & Polly ARNOLD. Mar. 23 Feb. Sarah A. ZIMMERMAN, 31, dau of Lyman FIELDS & Elizabeth Van De BOGERT. Mar, b6 M. A. DeCAMP Sarah b. N. Y.

S. R. SWEATLAND, 23, b. Ill, son of A. R. SWEATLAND & C. A. ADAMS. mar. 7 March. Maria BIRCH 19, b. Iowa. dau of David BIRCH & C. A. CAMPBELL. Mar. by John H. HOMSON, JP at res of Ely ZIEGLER who was witness with Mrs. Dora ZIEGLER.

FALL 1980
Page 105
Volume III, No. 4

Early Marriages in Antelope County. Ne, continued.

James C. CALDWELL, 27, b. VA, son of John CALDWELL & Rachel DARLING, mar. 31 March at Oakdale by M. A. DECAMP to Alice M. ARMSTRONG. 22, of Antelope Co., b. ILL. dau. of John L. ARMSTRONG & Martha A. SIMARARD. James of Wheeler Co. Witnesses: Anna M. CALDWELL & N. D. JACKSON.

Henry ORTON, 52, b. Germany, son of John ORTON & Katrina BEARNS, mar. 12 April Mrs. Maria JUST, 52, b. Denmark, dau. of C. D. CHRISTIANSON & Mary RASMESE. Mar. by A.L. NYE, V.D.M. at NYE res. in Antelope Co. Witnesses: Attie ROLLINS & Carrie ROLLINS.

W. F. CONWELL, 33, mar. 1 July by W. J. BARGER to Mrs. E. A. COTTIER, 27. Witnesses: N.D. JACKSON & H. P. DAVIS. CONWELL b. Ind., son of James A. CONWELL & Harriet CONNER. Mrs. COTTIER b. KY dau of John EDWARDS & Eliza SANFORD.

Otto HARTMAN, 24,b. Wisc., son of Frank HARTMAN & Amelia ZIMMERMAN, mar. 26 Sept. at Clearwater by M. S. DeCAMPT to Mrs. Martha LANDIS, 25, b. Wisc. dau of David BRIGHT & Mary REED. Witnesses: Susan DeCAMP & Lucy McCARTNEY.

John MALZACHER, 31, b. Germany son of Conrad MALZACHER & Lizzie WEBER, mar. 25 March by W. J. BARGER to Emma WRIGHT, 29, at res. of Mr. MALZACHER in Oakdale. Emma b. Ohio, dau of Geo. W. WRIGHT & Rachel SLAGLE. Witnesses: John WRIGHT & Nettie HUNT.

Henry MARWOOD, 23, b. Eng., son of Robert MARWOOD & Jane Ann NORWOOD, mar. 19 March in West Cedar Valley by Henry GRIFFITHS to Carrie MOSES, 20, b. Iowa, dau of Alvin MOSES & Caroline ALLEN. Witnesses: Gilden DONNER & Richard SMITH.

John DeLONG, 22 b. Canada on of Jeremiah DeLONG, mar. at Oakdale 7 April by M. A. DeCAMP to Elva WILLIAMS, 23, b. Wisc. dau of Richard WILLIAMS & Abigail BUTTERFIELD. Witnesses: L. A. BOYD & Frank WILLIAMS.

Willard SHOEMAKER, 21, b. PA, son of Andrew SHOEMAKER & ? . mar, 13 April at Neligh by E. CARKHUFF, JP to Mary PLANTZ, 19, b Ill. dau of Martin PLANTZ & Almeda AKINS. Witnesses: Mrs. M. D. AIKEN & Mr. E. O. HOSE.

William KREUSE, 22 son of William KREUSE & Mary FIDDLER was b. in Germany, mar. 1 May at res of M.A. DeCAMP, Co. Judge, to Elva EASTMAN, 17, b. Ill. dau of Parker EASTMAN & Sallie HALL. Witnesses: Georgiana EASTMAN & Susan DeCAMP.

Herbert M. ELDRIDGE, 21, b. Iowa, son of Reuben C. ELDRIDGE & Francelia COLE, mar. 17 July at res of F. H. TROWBRIDGE by Rev. Henry GRIFFITHS to Florence TROWBRIDGE, 17, b. Wisc., dau of Francis H. TROWBRIDGE & Lorinda BELMER.

Ernest ABRAHAM, 29, b. Prussia son of F. Ernest ABRAHAM & G. G. LONGER, mar. 29 July by Rev. Henry GRIFFITHS at res. of G. G. HOLMES. to Mrs. Ella May SLEEPER, 22, b. ? dau. of G. G. HOLMES & Mrs. C. S. HOLMES. Witnesses: Mr. G. G. HOLMES & MRS. C. S. HOLMES.

C. B. MANN, 21, b. Iowa, son of G. MANN & D. RUSSELL, mar. at Oakdale 25 Aug. by J.W. KIDDER, Min. of Gospel to Belle GIBSON, 20, b. Eng. dau. of G. GIBSON & Isabell --. Witnesses: Samuel GIBSON & Lettie COOPER.

Oliver F. BRADEEN. 24, b. Maine son of Jason C. BRADEEN & Emily BRADEEN, mar, at res. of J. C. BRADEEN on 16 Nov. by Wm. H. CARTER, M.E. pastor to Minnie May TROWBRIDGE, 15, b. Wisc. dau of Adelbert E. TROWBRIDGE & Almedia MATTESON. Witnesses: F. M. TROWBRIDGE, Lorinda TROWBRIDGE & Elizabeth CARTER.

Levi BENNETT, 21, b. Ringgold Co., Iowa son of Andrew P. BENNETT& Marian EWING, mar. 21 Nov. at Res. of bride's father by W. H. CARTER to Louise A. BEER, 17, b. Macoupin Co., ILL. dau. of Anthony N. BEER & Anna WILLIAMS. Witnesses: A. W. BEER, Phoebe A. BEER, A.P. BENNET, J. B. BENNETT.

George N. RAPP, 30, b. NY son of George A. RAPP & Mary ROBINS, mar. 11 Jan. at West Cedar Valley by Henry GRIFFITHS to Effie COE 16, (written consent) b. Iowa. dau. of David Vance COE & ---- SUFFICOOL. Witnesses: S. B. LYTLE & Lizzie WRIGHT.

John LINDENBERG, 30, b. Sweden, son of John LAWSON & Inge LAWSON, mar. at res. of Isaidh (sic) IVES on 8 Sept by W.J. BARGER, Minister to Maud CASCALLEN, 30, b. Canada, dau of ------- CASCALLEN & ?. Witnesses: Isaiah IVES & Mrs. Annie IVES.

John SCOTT, 22, b. ILL. son of James SCOTT & Jane DUNN, mar. 16 Sept. at Oakdale by M.A. DeCAMPT, Co. Judge to Clara S. NEWBALL, 19, b. Mass. dau. of John F. NEWHALL & Sophia HILL. Witnesses: N. D. JACKSON & E. F. McCORMiCK.

Thomas HANSEN, 22, b. Germany. son of B. HANSEN & Merta LORENSEN. on 31 Aug. by E. P. McCORMICK. JP of Twin Grove Prct. to Catherine THOMSEN, 22, b. Germany dau. of J. THOMSEN & Marie LENSEN. Witnesses: Thomas & Eliza LAWTON.

C. B. MANN, 21. b. Iowa, son of G. MANN & D. RUSSELL. mar. 25 Aug. by J.W. KIDDER, Minister of the Gospel to Belle GIBSON, 20, b. England, dau of C. GIBSON & Isabell -------

FALL 1980
Page 106
Volume III, No. 4

Early Marriages in Antelope County, NE, continued.

William R. CAMPBELL, 32, b. New Brunswich, son of Wm. CAMPBELL & Elvina ALDRICH mar 11 Aug. to Jennie L. COOPER, 26, b. Wisc. dau. of Benjamin COOPER & Lacy BROOKS. J. W. KIDDER conducted ceremony. Witnesses: Charles LOVEJOY & Lettie COOPER.

B. H. D. MILLS, 30, b. PA. son of G. S. MILLS & Margaret HAGAN. mar. Cherilla TUTTLE. 19, b. Wisc. dau of Emery TUTTLE & CatharIne BENNETT. W. J. BANGER, Minister. 2 Aug. Witnesses: John HACKETT & Mrs. Idell HACKETT.

Steven D. GIER, 19, b. Iowa son of George GIER & Mary J. STEEPROE. mar. at Clearwater 15 July by M. A. DeCAMP to Martha Frances Van VLERAH, 16, b. Ohio, dau. of Michael Van VLERAH & Mariah KEESER. Witnesses: G. H. McGEE & Francis GIER of Neligh.

John F. WILHITE, 34, mar. at Oakdale 1 July to Zadia STANLEY, 24, by O.A. BRITTAIN, ME. Minister. John b. Tenn. son of W. M. WILHTTE & R. B. JONES. Zadie b. Wisc. dau of G. STANLEY & H. L. GLASS. Witnesses: Miss Jennie COOPER & DR. Wm. R. CAMPBELL.

William HART, 25, mar. at Oakdale 1 March to Annie MARSHALL, 19, by M.A. DeCAMPT. Witnesses: Al WOLFE & N. D. JACKSON. William b. Wisc. son of Eben HART & Elizabeth LOOMIS. Annie b. PA dau, of William MARSHALL & Mary LAMMA.

Arther O'NEILL, 50 & Mrs. Catharine SCANNELL, 63, mar, at Oakdale 16 Jan. by M.A. DeCAMP. Witnesses: S.D. THORNTON & C. F. HUNTINGTON. Arthur b. Ireland son of Henry O'NEILL & Fannie BRITT. Catharine b. Ireland dau of John & Julia MURPHY.

Charles A. SNIDER, 28, mar. Hattie McPHERSON, 19, at Oakdsle 27 April by Gilbert C. PALMER JP. Witnesses: L.L. SNIDER & Miss Birdie MEANS. Charles b. Ohio, son of J.H. SNIDER & Mary WILDON, Hattie b. Ill. dau. of Henry McPHERSON & Mary WINEGARDNER.

Richard WILLIAMS, 57. mar. at Oakdale, 11 March to Mrs. Lucy BOOTH, 41, both of Madison Co. Mar. by MA. DeCAMP; witnesses: Milton H. BOOTH & Hattie WILLIANS. Richard b. NY son of George WILLIAMS & Rhoda RICHMOND. Lucy b. Ohio dau Isaac B. COLE & Hannah AUSTOIN.

J. S. POTTS, 27, mar. in Neligh to Sadie SPEARIN, 22, both of Oakdale. M.A. DeCAMP performed ceremony: witnesses J.I. LEAS & Frank BRUSH. J.S. b. Penn. son of John POTTS & Sarah STITT. Sadie b. Maine dau. of Alvin C. SPEARIN & Harriet MORRILL.

Wm. H. BARE, 27, b. Putman, Co. Ohio, son of John BARE & Caroline HAYWOOD. mar. Rosa L. MOSES, 22, dau of Alvin MOSES & Caroline ALLEN, Rosa b. Potawattome Co. Iowa. Mar. by S. A. SANDERS at his res. in Neligh; witnesses: H.C. HURFORD & C.M; SANDERS.-Mar. 24 Nov.

Lewis WARREN, 53, b. Coon. son of Ziba WARREN & Thankful BAKER, mar. Mrs. Rachel PAULIN, 45, b. Ohio, dau. of John CHAPMAN & ? by E. CORKHUFF, J.P. at Neligh on 5 Aug. Witnesses: S.W. ALLEN & Catherine CARKHUFF.

John C. CHURCH, 28, mar. 4 Nov. by S.A. SANDERS to Ella BOOTH, 22, of Madison Co. Witnesses R. WILLIAMS & Lucy C. WILLIAMS. John b. Grant Co. Wisc. son of John CHURCH & Sarah DELAN. Ella b. Ohio, dau of Milton BOOTH & Lucy COLE.


Submitted by Mrs. Ellen Leitschuck, Odell, NE

OLD CATHOLIC CEMETERY, near Blue Spring, Gage Co., Ne, Precinct, Sec. 18

BOGAN, Maggie, dau of F. & M. died Jan 26, 1887 aged 10 me 17 ds
GALLOGLY, William P.G. Son of P. & C. E., died Aug. 12, 1884 aged 8 mos
LANGDON, Irene born Aug. 23, 1897, died Aug. 24, 1897
          Eugene born Aug. 23, 1897, died Nov. 9, 1897      twins of J. W. & Agnes LANGDON
BRADLE, Stephen 1825-1896
          Stevie 1881-1901
CORCONAN, Patrick, born in co. Mayo, Ireland, July 15, 1861 d. Oct. 5, 1890   29 yrs
SHERIDAN, R. Clover died Dec 17, 1887 aged 25 yrs 14 ds
WEISNER, Caroline... Beloved Mother
FENTON, M. D. age 7 yra died July 1897
C. M. B.
PAUL, Engelbert C., son of F.G. & A.P. Oct 26, 1894 Sept. 19, 1895
Our Darling Infant, May 3, 1898
BACH, Charles M., son of S. & A. died Oct. 5, 1889 aged 20 yrs 6 ms 25 ds
SUCHY, Lenna A., dau of C. & M. born March 16, 1891 died Feb. 12, 1892
PAUL, Anna F. dau of F.C. & A.P. Dec. 18, 1900 Jan. 17, 1904
GORMLY, Patrick died Apr. 2, 1882 aged 86 yrs
FREEMAN, John, native of Iowa Oct 18, 1849 Jan 8, 1898

(54 other grave locations can be counted in this cemetery. Mrs. Harvey SHOFF, Wymore Ne a direct descendant of the "PAULS" remembers that many of the deceased were moved from this cemetery to the Wymore City Cemetery).

FALL 1980
Page 107
Volume III, No. 4


The first settlements were made in the valley of the West Blue, in the territory now embraced by West Blue Precinct, the early pioneers in this part of the county are: John ANDERSON, Nerve FOUSE, Elias GILMORE, George STUBBLEFIELD, Henry CHATTERTON, William J. TAYLOR, and David BUZZARD. In the northwest part, J. W. KINGSTON and Philando CHURCH Settled upon the Blue River in 1870, and in the north and northeast, upon Lincoln Creek, David DOAN, James H. STEWART, Newton HYETT, and John A. MERGER made settlement in 1868. and C. C. SMITH and a Mr. COON in 1867.

In the central part along Beaver Creek pioneers are John KORA, Julius FROST, Henry NICHOLES, William SWEET and BRISTOL, the date they settled 1870.

In the south and west parts, Fernando McFADDEN settled in 1866 on the West Blue, and Levi WOODRUFF in 1868 and the HENDERSONS in June 1866.

In 1870, during April the organization of the county took place, and the U.S. census taken that year showed a population of 640, one half of which settled that spring and summer.

Uncle Elias GILMORE had the only frame house in the county. The only schoolhouse, a sod structure, was on the West Blue. The only post office was located on the road between Fairnont and York at the residence of Fernando McFADDEN, who was also the first Postmaster of the county.

During 1868 the Pawnees, Otoes, Omahas and Poncas were united in a war against their common enemy the powerful Sioux, and invaded York County on the war path. The line of battle was on the south side of the West Blue, eight miles south of York.

Prior to the year 1870 York County was attached to Seward County for judicial and revenue purposes. On the 18th of March 1870, his Excellency David BUTLER, Governor of the State of Nebraska, issued a proclamation in response to a petition signed by the voting population of York County at that time, authorizing a permanent organization of the county. On the 26th of April 1870 a full compliment of county officers were duly elected and the choice of the people resulted; Edward BATES, Clerk; Julius FROST, Trea.; George FLOCK, Sheriff; D. T. MOORE, Probate Judge; W. H. ARMSTRONG, Sup. of Public Instruction; Frank MANNING, Surveyor; S. V. MOORE, David BUZZARD, Capt. L. F. WYMANN, Commissioners.

The pre-emption house of A. M. GHOST, was used as court house during this year and to the fall of 1871.

In November of this year, a new mail route was established from Lincoln to Grand Island, via Seward and three new post offices were established in the county.-- Palo, Thayer, and Aikin's Mill. Chancey ATKINS served at ATKIN'S Mill, and J. H. PARKER at Thayer. Citizens of York petitioned for a mail route between York and Fairmont by way of McFadden, Dr. Thomas L. MYERS was appointed Postmaster. He resigned and F. O. BELL was appointed. He held this for two years and was succeeded by J. E. COCHRAN and later by Mrs. M. J. HAMMOND.

In the spring of 1871 York County received its first proposal for building a railroad. Dr. CONVERSE, Superintendent of the Midland Pacific Railroad, submitted a proposition to the people of York County. He would extend the road from Seward to York if the county would vote bonds for $150,000. Not wanting to load a young county with debt, the voters voted the new road down.

Mr. Niles NYSTER, who never owned land and lived at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, decided he would own a farm and walked to Lincoln; looked over the map and decided York County would suit him; selecting an eighty and walking to Lockridge Twsp. to see the south one-half, northwest quarter, sec. 34, twsp 11, rng. 3. He walked to Lincoln; made his claim; made him a dug-out; put up some hay; and walked back home to Iowa, a distance in all of 700 miles. The next spring he took his family to York County and found the prairie fires had burned his hay, but nothing daunting, he went to work happy in the fact that he owned a farm.

One great event in the early history of York County that stands out most prominent was the Easter Storm that began Sunday, April 12th 1873. That afternoon a bank of heavy clouds appeared in the northwest. Soon there began a heavy rain and as night approached, the rain turned into sleet and then to snow. For three days end nights without a moments cease the

FALL 1980
Page 108
Volume III, No. 4

Early History of York County, Nebraska (continued)

storm raged with the air so full of whirling snow it was impossible to see an object a nod away. Fortunate for the early settlers that their dwellings were mostly sod houses or dug-outs and in place of being blown away, they were more likely to be snowed under. In several instances the settlers took their meager stock in the sod house with them for several days. As far as known only three lives were lost in the storm in York County; one, the 15 year old son of J. S. GRAY in Arborville Twsp., the boy missed the house and was found after the storm was over. The other two deaths occurred in Henderson Twsp., Frank KAILEY's log house, built but not chinked, filled with snow the first night. They thought they must go to the neighbors. Mrs. KAILEY soon gave out in the deep snow and Mr. KAILEY tried to carry her and the baby son. He soon became exhausted and left his family to go for help but never found them till after the storm.

A project for building a narrow gauge railroad had been advanced and warmly accepted by the public. The first train reached York in August 1877.

In the latter part of July 1876, the early settlers were visited by a new and unlocked for clamity of grasshoppers. Every device imaginable was made for catching young grasshoppers The County Board of Sup. passed a resolution to encourage the destruction of these pests. Two dollars per bushel of dead grasshoppers to be delivered to the court house before May 18, 1877 and one dollar on or before June 1, 1877. H. C. LEINSCHMIDT tells of seeing grasshoppers nearly four feet high. The long, told, wet spells contributed by a kind providence, did more to rid the county of the grasshoppers than all the devices of man.

The city of York is situated in the geographical center of the county and in 1910 the population was 6,500. It had three railroads. The Burlington and Missouri River railroad traversed the county east to west; the Chicago and Northwestern passed through the county from northeast to southwest; the Kansas City and Omaha bisected the county north and south. York has a splendid supply of water from deep wells, furnished by the York Water Company. An electric system covers the entire city; a large gas plant, capable of supplying the demand of the city for many years.

The first bank in York County, a scalping concern, was established in York in 1875 by William McWHIRTER. There were no bank examiners, and no law against usury.

The Public Schools in York County have grown from the small beginnings of the early settlement when schools were taught in private dwellings and claim shacks and from when School District No. 1 was organized in 1869. In 1912 there were one hundred and three school districts.

The last wild buffalo: Three stray grazers were seen the summer of 1874 in the Northwestern part of the county, northwest of York. One was shot by Jess GRANDY near the Washburn ranch on Lincoln Creek; the two remaining buffalo were shot, one near Stromsburg in a pool, the last at South Bend on the Platte.

Social and religious life was not neglected in those days. The young people from the FOUSE ranch to Mr. WADDEL's ranch in Hamilton County, were well-known to each other and frequently met to enjoy a country dance with a zeal unknown today. Perry CALDWELL, a United Brethren preacher, living on a homestead in Saline County, rode horseback to his appointments and in 1868 organized a class in the home of David BUSSARD. This class had had uninterrupted history and yet meets in Bethel Church which was built in 1870. R. S. MANNEY, Ezekial EVANS, and Elder HILROE organized the Christian Church in a school house until 1883 when the present church house was built.

J. W. RUSH, whom we think is now the oldest homesteader living in York County, drove through from Illinois in 1872, locating on section 12, range 1. Mr. RUSH is a veteran of the Civil War.

In the early seventies a man riding a beautiful thoroughbred horse stopped at Elias GILMORE's and asked for an entertainment over night, which was, of course, granted. He was a well-dressed man, keen and alert. It was noticed that his right hand was usually held under the left side of his coat and though he was a good talker and well-informed, on current events he was reticent regarding himself.

FALL 1980
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Volume III, No. 4

Early History of York County, Nebraska (continued)

The sleeping apartment in the house consisted of one large room for the men, containing several beds. S. N. CREECH and other boarders occupied beds in this room and were startled when the stranger upon retiring unbuckled a belt containing several revolvers, one of which he calmly placed under his pillow and laid the belt on the table near his bed. The unarmed men made no remarks but passed a sleepless night. The stranger was up early and after paying liberally for his entertainment, rode away. Mr. GILMORE remarked, "Boys, there's something wrong with that man," a fact which became evident when they learned later that they had entertained the noted Jesse JAMES.

Fish and game were abundant in the early days, deer being killed during the winters of '66, '67, '68. Elias GELMORE brought to Nebraska what was perhaps one of the largest breaking plows in the state, being a 26-inch lay. To this plow he drove from four to six yoke of oxen with one or more drivers. The first thrashing outfit that cane into York County was owned by M. BROWN of Middle Creak, Nebraska. He bought the machine in Nebraska City and threshed along the westward road as far as Hamilton County.

In the spring of 1866, A. J. GILMORE, David BUSSARD, William WHITAKER, and William O. BUSSARD came to Nebraska in search of land in a covered wagon. After hunting and finding land that suited them, they had to return to Nebraska City to homestead the land. William O. BUSSARD and William WHITAKER returned east for their families. David BUSSARD remained where he purchased from a Mr. HALL, a very good two room log house, a lot of potatoes and large sorghum patch.

NOTE: This story was in the files of your Editor and there was no source or name of person who submitted it. Since it is filled with names of early settlers of York County, I decided to include it. Perhaps someone will recognize this article and identify the source?


Submitted by Ruth Anna Hicks, Lincoln NE
Available at the Nebraska Historical Society, 1500 "R" Street, Lincoln, NE.


PETERS, ______: B. Dec. 31, 1894, a dau. to Dr. and Mrs. Peters. Jan. 1, 1895, p6. c1.

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ADOPPHSON, A. J, (deceased): Probate Notice. Ida S. Adopphson was appointed Adm. Jan. 3 1895, p6, c1.

KENNY, Dr. C. C.; D. Jan. 2, 1895. Age 48 yrs. 7 mos. 23 as. at his res., 1820 P St. Native
of Asthabula Co., Ohio. Came to Salem, Neb. in 1870 and came to Lincoln in 1883. Jan. 3, 1895, p6 c2.

FITZGERAlD, John: D. Funeral Jan. 3, 1895 from St. Theresa's Pro-Cathedral. Father Charles O'Reilly of Detroit will preach and Father Hugh McCavney of Denver will sing High Mass. Jan. 3, 1895, p8, c5.

EMBODY, Glen G.; D. Dec. 30, 1894. Age 18 mos. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James and Minnie Embody. at their home, 2323. Linn St. Burial at Wahoo. Jan. 6, 1895, p6, cl.

COCHRAN vs. COCHRAN: Div. Benjamin F. Cochran was granted divorce from Fannie P. Cochran. Married Mar. 12, 1893 in Kingfisher, Okla. Jan. 7, 1895, p8, c3 and Mar. 26, 1895 p8, c1.

ROMAN, Mrs. and Mrs. C. J.; Birthday. Celebrated their birthdays. Jan. 5, 1895. Jan. 7, 1895, p6, c4.

WHEELER, ______: D. Jan. 5, 1895. Youngest son of Hiland H. and Grace B. Wheeler. Jan. 7, 1895, p6, c4.

HAWLEY, A, W.; D. Jan. 6, 1895 at San Diego, Calif. A former resident of Lincoln, Jan. 8, 1895, p6. c1.

ESTES, ______; B. Jan. 8, 1895. A dau to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Estes. Jan. 9, 1895, p6. cl.

PAINTER, Col. J. H.; D. Jan. 8, 1895. Age 75 yrs. at home of his son J. K. Painter, Julesburg, Col. He came here about 25 yrs ago and was a partner of Col. T. H. Hyde in Newspaper business. At one time Justice of the Peace. Funeral from the res. of his

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Volume III, No. 4

Vital Records from the Nebraska State Journal (continued)

grandson, Will E. Painter, 1827 L. St. Jan. 9, 1895, p6, c2.

FURNER, Joseph (c) (deceased): Probate Notice. E. P. Brown was appointed Adm. He died last June at Ft. Madison, Iowa. Jan. 11, 1895, p8 c3.

OTTO, Louis (deceased): Probate Notice. W. A. Harrier was appointed Adm. Died Oct. 19, 1894. Jan, 11, 1895, p8. c3.

BEATTY, H. L.: Birthday. Jan. 11, 1895. Celebrated his 41st birthday. Jan. 13, 1895, p4 c2.

GONYER, Lou: D. Jan. 12, 1895. Funeral from the home at 1021 Q St. Jan. 13, 1895. Jan. 13, 1895, p6, c1.

WHEDON, Charles L.: D. Jan. 14, 1895 at his home 742 N. 13th St. Funeral from his home. Jan. 15, 1895, p6, cl

MARQUETT, T. M. (deceased): Probate Notice. The heirs ask appointment of F. M. Hall as Adm. The heirs are Mrs. Marquett, Mrs. J. H. Faweli, Mrs. Teft, Gertrude Marquett and John Marquett. Jan. 15, 1895, p6, c1

LAMONT, Mary L.: D. Jan. 15, 1895. Dau of Art Lament. Funeral from the home, 730 N. 12th St. Jan. 16, 1895, p6, c1.

HICKS, William E.; Guardianship. Albert D. Hicks was appointed by Judge Wurzburg. Jan. 17, 1895, p6. c1.

BARNES, ____ B. Jan. 17, 1895. A son to Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Barnes. Jan. 18, 1895, p6, c1.

DEMMITT, ____ B. Jan. 17, 1895. A son to Florence Demmitt of Beatrice at 835 N. 16 St. Jan, 18, 1895, p8, c5.

YEAGER, John and William: Guardianship. Catharine Green asks to be appointed guardian. Jan. 19, 1895, p6. c1.

CUTTER, Dianthia: D. Jan. 18, 1895, age 79 yrs. Funeral from her res. 1227 D St. Jan. 30, 1895. Jan. 30, 1895, p6, c1.

DAHSEN, Fred: D. Jan. 18, 1895. Father-in-law of Richolas Ress. Funeral Jan. 20, 1895 at St. Paul's Church. Jan. 20, 1895, p6, c1.

ROBINSON, Hazel Estelle: D. Jan. 19, 1895. infant dau. of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Robinson. Funeral at the res. 718 H St. Jan. 20, 1895 p6, c1.

BATES, Theodora: Guardianship. Harriet A. Bates was appointed Guardian. Jan. 22, 1895, p6. c1.

FITZGERALD, John (deceased): Probate Notice. Mary Fitzgerald has been appointed Adm. Bond for $10,000 was signed by F. M. Hall. Jan. 22, 1895, p6, c1.

MARSTELLER vs. MARSTELLER: Div. Minnie L. Marsteller asks a divorce from James A. Marstelier, Jan. 22, 1895, p6, c3.

DAHSEN, Friederich (deceased); Probate Notice. Jan. 22. 1895. Jan. 23. 1895, p6, c1

THOMPSON, Lavator: Birthday. Jan. 23, 1895. Son of Chief dispatcher at the Burlington. Celebrated his 9th birthday. Jan. 24, 1895, p6, c1.

RAYMOND, Mrs. C. W.: D. Funeral at the res. 425 5. 11 St. Jan. 26, 1895, p6, c1.

WALTER, Eddie: D. Jan. 24, 1895. Son of F. Walter, 728 N 12 St. Funeral from the Emanuel Church. Jan. 26, 1895, p6. cl.

ENGLISH, Sarah J.: D. Jan. 24, 1895. Wife of W. W. English. Heart Failure. Came to Lincoln with her husband in 1872. Jan. 26, 1895, p6, cl.

TOWNSEND, Alva: Birthday. Jan. 25, 1895. Celebrated his 23rd birthday. Jan. 27, 1895, p4 c1.

EASTERDAY, Phil R.: Birthday. Jan. 25, 1895. Celebrated his 18th birthday. Jan, 27, 1895, p4. c1.

YOUNG, Watt: Birthday, Jan. 19, 1895. Celebrated his 19th birthday. Lives in Bethany. Jan, 28, 1895, p8, c4.

BROWN, _____: D. Jan, 28, 1895. The child of Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Brown of the Kimball Hotel. The funeral from the Hotel. Jan. 30, 1895, p6, c1.

BROWN, Burch H.; D. Jan. 28, 1895, age 5 mo. Son of George K. and Oette M. Brown. Bronchitis. Funeral from the res. 1516 O St. Jan. 30, 1895, p6. c1.

GROFF, Forest: D. Infant son of J. G. Groft and wife. Funeral Jan. 30, 1895 from the res. 135 S. 10 St. Jan. __, 1895, p6. c1.

PENNINGTON, J. A.: D. Jan. 29, 1895. Burial at Ceotervilie, Ia. by his son-in-law, O. A. Robinson. Jan. 31. 1895, p6, c1

WITTIE, Pearl: Guardianship. Emma Wittie was appointed guardian. Feb. 1, 1895, p6, c3.

HOON, ______: B, Feb. 1, 1895, a dau, to Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Hoon, 910 S. 8th St. Feb.2, 1895, p8, c3.

HASTINE, Samuel: D. Feb. 1, 1895. At 1335 S. 11 St. Feb. 2, 1895, p6. c1.

SHEA, ______: D. Jan. 31, 1895. Infant dau. of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Shea, Funeral at German Catholic Church, Feb. 2, 1895. Feb, 2, 1895, p6, c1.

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Volume III, No. 4

Vital Records from the Nebraska State Journal (continued)

TOMPKINS, Basil: D. Jan. 31, 1895. Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Tompkins, 1636 No. Side Ave. Burial at Weeping Water. Feb. 2, 1895, p6, c1.

HOGAN, William: D. Feb. 1, 1895, age 29 yrs, at his res. D and West 2nd St. He was a brick manufacturer. Native of Galesburg, Ill. Leaves a wife and 1 child. Feb. 2, 1895, p6, c1.

CAMPBELL vs. CAMPBELL: Div. Larabee H. Campbell vs. Hattie Campbell. Asks for the case to be redocketed as she wants her maiden name Hattie Newland, to be restored. Feb. 2, 1895, p8, cl.

JOHNSON, Linda: Birthday. Jan. 30, 1895. Celebrated her 19th birthday. Feb. 3, 1895, p4. c3.

VAN DENBERG, John A. (deceased): Probate Notice. Mrs. E. L. Van Denberg was appointed executrix. Feb. 3, 1895, p6, c3.

BROWN, Frank: D. Feb. 3, 1895. Body was found on a country road 1 west Lincoln, evidently frozen to death. Feb. 4, 1895, p6, c3.

HATCHER vs. HATCHER: Div. Robert Hatcher was given a div. from Lottie Hatcher. Feb. 5, 1895, p8, c3.

DUNCAN, Lillie May: D. Feb. 7, 1895, age 9 mos. Dan of late Geo. Duncan, At the res. of her grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Root , 727 5. 11 St. Father died at Wichita Falls, Texas. Baby caught cold traveling with her mother bringing the father's body here for burial. Burial at Dunbar. Feb. 8, 1895, p6. cl. and Feb. 9, 1895, p6, c1.

SKINNER, Geo. B. (Bishop): D. Feb. 7, 1895. Age 62 yrs. At his home 1237 R St. Born in Vernon near Hartford, Conn. Jan. 3, 1833. A well-known pioneer in Nebr. coming to Lincoln in 1870. Funeral at St. Paul's M.E. Church, Feb. 10, 1895. Kolp will have charge of services. Burial in Wyuka. Feb. S. 1895, p8 c1. and Feb. 10, 1695, p6, c1.

OPPENHEIMER, Albert: D. Feb. 6, 1895, at the family res. 1435 N St. Burial from the res. Feb. 8, 1895. Son of Moses Oppenheimer. Feb. 8, 1895, p8, c5.

WINCHER, Horace A.: D. Feb. 8, 1895 at the State Hosp. Burial at him home in Buffalo Co. Feb. 9, 1895, p6, c1.

HARNEY, ______: B. Feb. 7, 1895. Child of Ed Harney, Feb. 9, 1895, p6, cl.

COPE vs. COPE: Div. Caroline Cope received divorce from Alonso Cope and her maiden name restored. Married at Omaha Dec. 1892. Feb. 10, 1895, p5, c4.

DREWING vs. DREWING: Div. Martha W. Drewing asks a div. from John Daniel Drewing. Married in Lincoln, 1893. Asks for custody of her child. Feb. 10, 1895, p5, c4.

McBRIDE, Benton M.: D. Feb. 10, 1895 at his home, 3108 Starr St. Funeral at the res. Feb. 11, 1895. Rev. C. M. Shepard in charge. A wife and 4 yr. old son survive. Feb. 11, 1895
p6, c1

MORTON, L. P.: D. Feb. 9, 1895. At his hone in Stannett, Iowa. A former merchant of Lincoln. Burial in Wyuka. A dau. Mrs. E. Stannett will bring the body. Feb. 11, 1895, p6, cl.

JONES, Mary C.: D. Feb. 8, 1895, age 75 yrs. At the res. of her dau. Mrs. A. C. Langdon, 439 S. 8th St. A res. of Neb. 25 yrs and mother of 10 children. Born in Oxfordshire, England in 1819. She is survived by her husband and all but 3 of her children. Mr. A. C. Langdon and Harry Jones residents of Lincoln, and Charles Jones an officer in the Regular Army of England. Burial in Wyuka. Feb. 11, 1895, p6 c1.

BENSON, Mrs. Charles: Birthday. Feb. 5, 1895. Celebrated her birthday. Feb. 11, 1895, p6, c1.

SHAFFER, ____: B. Feb. 12, 1895. A son to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Shaffer, 1202 E. St., Feb. 13, 1895, p6, c1.

SOVACOOL, Hazel: D. Feb. 12, 1895. Age 4 yrs. 11 mos. Dau of D. B. Savacool of 740 N. 12 St. of Lung Fever, Funeral from Emanuel Church, 13th & U St. Feb. 13, 1895, p6, c1.

WALTERS vs WALTERS: Div. Fredericka Walters was given a div. from Simon Walters. Granted custody of the children. Feb. 13, 1895, p8, c4.

SHOBE vs. SHOBE Div. Ellen Lucinds Shobe asks div. from Morgan Harry Shobe. Married at Neligh, Nebr. Nov. 24, 1882. Asks custody of the 4 children. Feb. 13, 1895, p8, c4.

UNGER vs. UNGER: Div. Mary Unger was granted a div. from John Unger. Given custody of the child. Feb. 16, 1895, p8, c4.

DUNLAP vs. DUNLAP: Div. Judge Holmes granted ___ Dunlap divorce from Alice Dunlap. Married May 15, 18_5 at Ft. Jarris, N.Y. She has 3 children. Feb. 16, 1895, p8, c4.

BERRY vs. BERRY: Div. A div. was granted to Samuel G. Berry from Mary F. Berry. Feb. 16, 1895, p8, c4.

MARQUETT, John: Guardianship. David Marquett was appointed Guardian. Feb. 16, 1895. p8, c4.

MILLER, Mrs. Fred: Birthday. Feb. 12, 1895. Celebrated her birthday. Feb. 17, 1895, p4, c12.

WILCOX, Belle: Birthday. Celebrated her 19th birthday at her home, 1926 N St. Feb. 17, 1895, p5, c4.

COLEMAN, Julia: D. Feb. 18, 1895 at her home 125 S. 11 St. Funeral from the res. Feb. 19, 1895. Feb. 19, 1895, p6, c1.

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Volume III, No. 4

Vital Records from the Nebraska State Journal (continued)

LUNN, Montie: Guardianship. Stephen F. Watkins was appointed Guardian. Feb. 19, 1895, p8, c3.

DUNCAN, George P.: Probate Notice. Henry D. Root was appointed Adm. Feb. 19, 1895, p8, c3.

POLWASKY, Rachel (deceased): Probate Notice. Samuel Polwasky was appointed special Adm. Feb. 19, 1895, p8, c3.

SJOGREN, Ulrika; D. Feb. 19, 1895. Wife of P. A. Sjogren. At the res. Age 36 yrs, 1 mo. 19 ds. Funeral at the Swedish Lutheran Church. Feb. 20, 1895, p6, cl.

WISELY, James L.: Guardianship. James L. Wisely was appointed guardian. Feb. 20, 1895, p6 c3

MARSTELLE vs. MARSTELLE: Div. Minnie Marstelle was given a div. from James A. Marstelle. Feb. 20, 1895, p6, c3.

KEPHART vs. KEPHART: Div. Mary Katherine Kephart was granted a div. from Richard Kephart. Feb. 23, 1895, p6, c1.

VANDEVER, Bonnie: D. Feb. 22, 1894, 17 yrs. 3 nos. 14 ds. at the res. of A. C. Reddish, 2242 R St. Funeral today at Mr. Reddish's. Feb. 23, 1.95, p6, cl.

McLENNAN, George: D. Recently in a railroad collison near Sacramento. Son. D. McLennan, grain merchant of Lincoln. Feb. 24, 1895, p6. c1.

BARRETT, Julia N.: Guardianship. Mary Barrett was appointed guardian. Feb. 24, 1895, p8, c1.

VAN BENBRINK, Gerrit (deceased): Probate Notice. Mrs. Hauple Van Denbrink was appointed executrix of the estate, near Hickman. Feb. 24, 1895, p8, c1.

VOSLER vs. VOSLER: Div. Nelson J. Vosler asks div. from Jessie A. Vosler. Married in Lincoln June 13, 1891. Feb. 24, 1895, p8. c1

SUTTON vs. SUTTON: Div. Josephine Sutton asks div. from Asher Sutton. Married at Seward May 29, 1889. Feb. 24, 1895, p8, c1,

SCHWARTZ vs. SCHWARTZ: Div. Charles J. Schwartz asks div. Sarah Schwartz.Feb. 24, 1895, p8, c1 and Mar. 7, 1895, p8, c2.

BERKEY, Maud: D. Feb. 25, 1895. Dau of T. A. H. Barkey. Consumption. At the res. 1930 R St. Feb. 26, 1895, p6, c1.

ROTHWELL, James (deceased): Probate Notice. James D. Rothwell and William E. Rothwell have been appointed executors. Feb. 26, 1895, p8 c3.

FENN vs. FENN: Div. Clarence L. Penn asks for div. from Lula Fenn. Married May 23, 1891. Div. granted 5 mos. later. Feb. 26, 1895, p8, c3.

VIFQUAIN, Caroline; D. Feb. 1, 1895 in Panama. Second dau. of Gen. Victor Vifquain, United States Consul-general. Lived in Lincoln at one time. Feb. 26, 1895, p8, c5.

LEE, Mrs. David: D. Feb. 21, 1895. Age 24 yrs. Leaves an infant child, and a husband. They moved to Bethany last fall from a Western County on account of the drouth. Burial Feb. 22, 1895. Feb. 27, 1895, p8, c5.

LYONS, George: D. Feb. 27, 1895, age 14 mos. Infant son of John C. Lyons at 2520 Q St. Funeral Feb. 28, 1895. Feb. 28, 1895, p6. c1.

WICKHART, Frederick: D. Feb. 22, 1895. State Hospital. Feb. 28, 1895, p6. c1

HASMAN, Alfonzo P.: Adoption. C. T. Hasman released all claim and Alfonzo B. and Anne R. Hasman were made his parents of adoption. Mar. 1, 1895, p8, c3.

TRUMBLE, Henry: D, Feb. 25, 1895. Age 19 yrs. at his home 930 North 30 St. Son of Henry E. and Katherine Trumble. Funeral Vine Congregational Church. Interment in Wyuka. Mar. 1, 1895, p6. c2,

SPEARS, Alice: Birthday. Mar. 1, 1895. Celebrated her 11th birthday. Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spears, 630 North 16 St. Mar. 3, 1895, p4. c1.

BAIN, William V.: Birthday. Mar. 1, 1895. Celebrated his 63rd birthday. Mar. 3. 1895, p4. c2,

MERCER, Mrs. M. E.: Birthday. Feb. 26, 1895, Celebrated her birthday at the home of her dau. Mrs. S. King, 2754 Apple St. Her home was at Princeton, Ill. Mar. 1, 1895, p4, c2.

MAHER, ______: B. March 2, 1895. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maher. Mar. 3, 1895, p4, c3.

HOFFMAN, ______ : B. Mar. 2, 1895, a son to Nellie Hoffman of 426 C. St. Mar. 3, 1895, p6, cl.

OWEN vs. OWEN: Div. Pryce Owen asks div. from Jane E. Owen. Married April 30, 1884 at Flanders, North Wales. Mar. 8, 1895, p8, c2.

COOPER, Charles: D. Mar. 8, 1895, age 13 yrs. at the Ideal Hotel. His father arrived from Rock Island Mar. 8, 1895. Body taken back there for burial. Mar 9, 1895, p6, c1.

ROBINSON, James (c): D. Mar. 8, 1895, age 12 yrs. 6 mos. 20 ds. Son of Melvina Robinson. At the res. 1047 B St. Funeral at the African M.E. Church. Mar. 9, 1895, p6. cl.

LEARNED, George W. (deceased): Probate Notice. Angeline L. Learned, formerly of University Place was appointed Adm. Mar. 9, 1895, p8, cl.

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